Auto Lathe



The mainspindle is made of special steel which also treated by high frequency heat treatment and precision ground. Especially. This machine be installed five sets tools and fine adjusted screw for processing high precision workpiece. As for, the sliding unit is made of high grade cast iron and the sliding surface also be treated by high frequency heat treatment and precision ground.


The unit is adopted magnetic clutch to drive tapping shaft, and the tapping processing is employed the differential speed which generated by high speed rotating in same direction, Especially the two shaft can be swivelled and processing, exchangably reaming, boring deep hole and tapping can be completed simultaneously.


Exterior cutting is employed the plate cam, But the rectangle cutting be used the bell cam and the shaft can be divided into two portion frosm the central journal. Furthermore, the cam can be retained in original condition and exchanged additionally. Since, the total set be assembled & exchanged within short time, Moreover, which can be changed to manual in necessary, high efficiency.

Modle XB-1525
No. of tool rack 5 mm
No. of tool unit head 2 mm
Max. processing diameter 14 mm
10 mm
8 mm
Max. processing length 35 mm
Max. drilling dia. ø10 mm
Max. drilling depth 30 mm
Max. tapping dia. ( Brass ) M10 x 1.25 mm
( Iron ) M8 x 1.0 mm
Spindle rev. speed 1700 ~ 6500 rpm
No. of conversion of spindle rev. speed 5 mm
Cam shaft rev. speed 1.3 ~ 3.3 rpm
Spindle motor 2 HP
Cutting fluid pump motor 1/8 HP
Machine weight 710 kg
Machine size 1450 x 560 x 1540 mm
Measurement 1720 x 740 x 1840 mm

* Owing to the mechanism be reformed progressively, so that, above mentioned specifications which just for refer. If those are subjected to chachange, without prior notice.

Travel of tools & Interference of tools

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Oil Splash Protecting Cover 1 set Threading Post
Adjusting Tools 1 set Auto Bar Feeder
Tools Box 1 pc Groove Forming Device
Machining Cooling Equipment 1 set Feeding Support Rack
Screw Jacket 2 pc Ø25,Ø38 Collet Chuck