CNC Lathe

CNC-STM 42C3/60C3
CNC Controller

PC board controller is special design user friendly, stability, and easy maintenance.

Servo Driven Turret

Fitted the powerful servo driven turret with high speed and accuracy. The turret speed is freely adjusted, and fast from 0.1-second to 0.3-second turret tool change time (T-T) to servo driven turret.

Robot Arm Protect Finished Parts

The robot arm is design easily to unloading the finished work piece after the operation. Plus the belt type automatic transfer can protect finish parts from damage during the transfer.

Modle CNC-STM 42C3 CNC-STM 60C3
NC controller Fanuc Fanuc / Mitsubishi
Max. processing diameter ø42 mm ø60 mm
Max. turning length / chuck 150 / 175 mm 230 / 260 mm
Spindle nose Special flat Special flat
ID of chuck closing tube ø8 ~ ø42 mm ø60 mm
Spindle speed 170 ~ 6000 mm 170 ~ 6000 mm
Spindle motor cont. / 50% ED VAC 3.5 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 11 kw VAC 3.5 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 11 kw
Turret & Tooling System
Type of turret 8-station turret 12-station turret
Tool shank size ø20 mm ø20 mm
Max. bore dia. of tool ø25 mm ø25 mm
X, Z axis slide travel X:100 mm, Z:185 mm X:120 mm, Z:280 mm
Rapid traverse speed 12 m/min 14 m/min
Turret index time 0.1 ~0.3 sec 0.1 ~0.3 sec
Machine Dimensions
Dimension 2200 x 1260 x 1650 mm 2200 x 1260 x 1650 mm
Weight 2250 kg 2250 kg

* We reserve the rights to change specifications without further notice.

Travel of tools & Interference of tools

Drill Sleeve

Optional Accessories:Steelbelt Chip Conveyor

Standard CNC STM42C3/60C3₃
Model Q'ty
C3-1 5
C3-2* 1
C3-3 1
C3-4 3
C3-5* 1
C3-6* 1

* : Special Order
Drill Sleeve : ø8, ø10, ø12, ø16

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Standard tools Auto bar feeder
Parts catcher Coolant mist collector
Finished parts conveyor High-pressure coolant system
Chip conveyor