since 1984

SHYE TOWEN has been the pioneer of Taiwan machine tool industry with continuous R&D and innovations.

Since its establishment in 1984, SHYE TOWEN MACHINERY CO., LTD. has been the pioneer of Taiwan machine tool industry with continuous R&D and innovations. Furthermore, SHYE TOWEN is a integrated business team armed with professionally trained engineers to lead the entire industrial escalation in Taiwan, and together with other entrepreneurs to create Technology Taiwan Island as its mission and expectation.
Mr. Qing Hai Zhou, the person in charge, has engaged in the manufacturing automatic lathes for more than 20 years and senior staff of each department has more than 10 years service experience, having achieved both professionalism and advanced business know-how.

SHYE TOWEN never stops in developing new applications for automatic lathes and have launched 2-axis 5-tool automatic lathe to lead other machine tool manufacturers in terms of tapping design. The model may be widely used in manufacturing high precision components required by auto industry, electronic, automotive and scientific instrument, bicycles, sawing machine, office equipment, music instrument, pneumatic / hydraulic components, sanitary and other metal wares. Long operation time for versatile machining requirement, economical and practical capabilities are but few outstanding features to mention about.

Auto Industry

Automotive and Scientific instrument


Sawing Machine

Music Instrument

Pneumatic / Hydraulic Components

Business Principles

Honesty, quality and service are the prime business principles SHYE TOWEN hold tight.


The company is fully committed to provide factory owners with solid automatic lathes.


Paying great attention to users' feedback about SHYE TOWEN products.


Complete post service packages to give customer peace of mind in all the transactions.